We are a group of 4 microwave engineers with experience grown in the aerospace industry and in the academic research activity.
Since 2001 we worked on MMIC design for aerospace and defence applications, Hybrid MIC design, prototyping and production, Cryogenic HMIC for radioastronomic applications, RF linearizers, electromagnetic study of complex passive structures.

Our headquarters are located in Rome inside the Tecnopolo Tiburtino, a technology park situated on a 72-hectar estate on the eastern edge of Rome.
Inside the Tecnopolo we are hosted by the Technology Transfer Centre “Consorzio Roma Ricerche”, an organization oriented towards the promotion and development of Innovation and Technology Transfer to industries.



 Advanced Technology Applications


Via Ardito Desio, 60
c/o Polo Tecnologico Industriale Romano
00131 Rome - Italy


Tel: (+39) 06 452217128
Fax: (+39) 06 233215105