Wave is able to assist its customers during all the product development phases

Starting from the product idea we assist our customers in translating their system requirements into a suitable MMIC or HMIC architecture with agreed target specifications. These specifications will be the starting point of the design process.
For MMIC realisation we have access to a wide set of processes based on Gallium-Arsenide technologies and at this stage we will help the customer to choose the best cost/performances manufacturer.
During the design activity the interaction with our customer will allow us to shape the product characteristics in order to fully satisfy his needs. The result of the design activity will be the definition of the layout of the circuit.
Wave will assist its customer during the manufacturing phase interacting with the selected foundry and defining the test specifications to be performed at on-wafer level.
After the product realization we could support our customer to facilitate the release to production or the integration of the brand-new product in complex systems.


Providing external design capabilities we help our customers to respond to peak market demand periods. When the internal design capability is fully employed it could be profitable to make use of outsourcing to develop the required circuits in order to obtain enhance the company flexibility.

When Time To Market is the key for product success making use of qualified external design capabilities could be the winning choice. Thanks to our design capabilities we can provide qualified competence which will help the customer to quickly define and realize its products.

Beside providing external design capabilities Wave can be a true R&D partner cooperating with its customers to the innovation of existing products or to the exploration of new technology frontiers.